Adult Contemporary

by Unaka Prong

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released April 20, 2017

Recorded at Barrett Sound Studios - Nashville Tennessee
Tracking Engineers - Frank Barrett, Chris Pope
Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Chris Pope
Album Art - Mike Welsh

Additional Personnel -
Caleb McMahon - Trombone (Gadnuk, Alchemy)
Jameil Moore - Vocals (Lurks)
Coleman Christopher - Vocals (Lurks)
Abigail Ashton - Vocals (Maeng Da)
Kathryn Esposito - Vocals (As We Agreed)
Friends and Fiends - Mass Vocals (As We Agreed)



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Unaka Prong Boone, North Carolina

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Track Name: Fruit Fly
Fruit Fly

There's a fruit fly in the coffee / Surprise, reprise / And Internet grammar / On the rise, on the rise

A visitation / subversion of familiarity / And within an interval is a certain bravery

Drizzling in the open door as we make our breakfast / Dead fish dictations on top of the toilet / Delineation drip-drying driving dawn empty highways / Driftwood diner drop off shingles along the way

I dawdle with enthusiasm encourage rumble strips / Deuce ex machinization engine shot gas crisis / Unsolicited advice to all of you totally nonplussed / Paradox is the engine that runs the universe

But way leads onto way

Admire beauty laughter and suppress your selfishness / Don't know where I'm going, only know just where I've been / Terminal skag and a field guide to getting lost / Only the full moon fisherman knows what flow can cost

But way leads onto way
Track Name: Alchemy

Alchemy / Calligraphy / Chemistry / Sorcery

My language arts / Their comedy / Listeners / Are parody

Paper clips / Crayola / Elmer’s glue / And colored paper

Mom’s birdhouses / Some rocking chair / A painted vase / Shows experience

Represent / With confidence / Falsities / Of abstraction

The closer we come / The further away / Seek it still / It's all that you remain
Track Name: Run Out
Run Out

Windows open / Air sings softened sounds / Doors show pathways / People walk around

Ceilings widen / Gravity goes out / Floors creak softly / People sneak about

Don't stop, don't stop / Don't fight, don't fight / Don't drop, don't drop / Take flight, take flight

Don't stop, run out, doors show pathways / Don't fight, run out, windows open / Don't drop, run out, floors creak softly / Take flight, blast off, ceilings widen out
Track Name: Late July
Late July

Rows of crops / winking at me as we drive
Sticks above choppy water / There's a reddish blight on the pines / in the summer time
High tension cables / Rubber slivers on the shoulder
On my shoulders / It's late July driving

Sleeping in rest stops on leather seats / Falling asleep to radio and a salty breeze
It's a midnight nap on the island just before the bridge / Still an hour to cut thru the swamp and field / Head nodding hand twitching wheel jerking/ Down shortcut road / It's late July driving
Track Name: Lurks

Those lips, they speak your words / Those eyes, they show me lurks / Those calls you'd place past dusk / Those whispers you'd speak in lust

It seems I've lost all luster, I barely see our shine.
Track Name: Heartburn

My legacy is daft and old / But, Oh what a love, a crafty soul / From your lips, like in a dream / Smoke filled rooms and pearlescent dreams / Smoke filled rooms and pearlescent dreams

Thank you, thank you for your suggestion / Which to me seems more like indigestion / Or erect mental mens’ reflection / You've got me broken down / And there's no one to blame but me

Burn, burn up how sings the lark / Oh yeah, light the flame that spark / I've forgotten notions of fame / No one to blame, no one to blame but me / Burn up our fire, and let's see

Let our love run deep, and our blood conspire / Till a new dawn comes with me to set / Pain, oh pain never felt so sweet / Pain, pain oh pain never felt so sweet / Oh now, sugar sugar rest your head.
Track Name: Narcese

Got some bills to pay here / No time left to pray here
I think I'm getting ahead here / But tell me does it really matter here

Myths are gonna scatter / Broken hearts are gonna shatter
Amidst all the clatter / While you're living the dream baby

Makes me wanna scream / This machine, riding on the coattails
Of snails, snails, snails / Baby you're left for bail
Track Name: Fairweather Friend
Fair Weather Friend

She's a fair weather friend / and she's quick to begin / But I'm not sure she thinks this really means / And I'm not saying it's wrong/ I'm just trying to write a song / And I'm tired of keeping an eye on the TV

But I've never cared so much whether or not it rains / And the puddles forming on the road are keeping her away

She's a fair weather friend / and she's quick to pretend / Away all of those deepest fears / She's counting up her change / and always changing lanes / Not exactly what I'd call an even keel

But I've never cared so much whether or not it rains / And my reflections looking awful lonely in that window pane
Track Name: Highway Drivin'
Highway Driving

Would it be different now if I would say to you / I'm comin back to town and want nothing else but you / Would you leave right then, walk off into the blue / Or would you wait around to hear me til I'm thru

I don't know how much that I deserve your time / But I'm packing up and selling out and wishing you were mine

Funny how time can dim a memory so severe / Can't hear the late night calls or envision any tears / Can't feel the depression or the heartworm joyful cheer / The silence has settled after a few long years

I don't know how long I can wait around this old world / But I'm back in town and I'm down the street and standing at your door

The only shift in me is sitting in the sink / I'm blacked out giddy like a whirling falling leaf / I'm laughing loudly spilling drinks all on my shirt / I'm waking up with my face down in the dirt

I don't know how long I can wait around this old world / But I'm back in town and im down the street and standing at your door

A change in scenery is good for me I think / Speed the rivers up and drop a few degrees / Lift the land to tower up over the east / And all that wind might give me a chance to breathe

But all this half assed waiting’s got me pacing round the floor / But I'm highway driving with the window down / I don't think I need much more
Track Name: Too Far Gone
Too Far Gone

She's enlightened by the spice of her life / And I thought I was too far gone

Please don't be absent, don't suck me dry / And I thought I was too far gone

Breathe, relax and take your life off your mind / And I thought I was too far gone
Track Name: As We Agreed
As We Agreed

Breaking my back for someone / A liar trying to please/ trying to please the need/ of something dire

I don't require a checklist / I don't wanna be on your grocery list / All I ask is please / for you to treat me as we agreed

Yo ho, drink the whiskey at the bar